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Bishop Issues New Guidance based on Governor’s EO 79

Executive Order (EO) 79 provides guidelines on masks in accordance with the CDC’s recent modification for those who are vaccinated. The Executive Order also terminates EO 72 (7th amendment), which had extensive guidelines for various sectors. The termination of EO 72 effectively eliminates social distancing and occupancy restrictions. 

In response to these significant changes, Bishop Burbidge is lifting various guidelines enacted across the Diocese effective May 28. The changes are as follows:

  • Bishop Burbidge encourages all parishes to return to pre-COVID schedules for Masses, Adoration, and access to the Parish
  • No occupancy limits on Mass attendance
  • No social distancing
  • No disinfecting or cleaning between Masses as expected during the pandemic
  • At the pastor’s discretion, live-streamed Masses may still be offered out of solicitude for the homebound 
  • As for face coverings
    • Fully vaccinated persons no longer need to wear a mask in any setting
    • Unvaccinated persons are encouraged to wear face coverings per EO 79
    • Priests should not inquire into the vaccination status of parishioners
    • Priests should not bar parishioners not wearing masks from entering church buildings or the Mass
  • At this time, Communion should continue under the Precious Body only
  • The use of full Choirs may return to Mass
  • The following liturgical elements that were suspended during the pandemic may now be reintroduced:
    • Holy water
    • Procession
    • Collection
    • Offertory procession
    • The sign of peace (without physical contact between non-family members)

At this time, the dispensation remains in effect.  Further announcements regarding this matter will be conveyed in the near future.

Schools continue to operate on a separate set of guidelines. For example: All students, teachers, staff, and visitors must wear a mask over their nose and mouth while on school property subject (EO 79).

We will provide more guidance as it changes. 





La Orden ejecutiva 79 del Governador Northam indica normas sobre el uso de las mascarillas de acuerdo con el recién cambio del Centro del Control de Enfermedades (CDC) de los se han vacunado.  Lo Orden ejecutiva cancela la Orden Ejecutiva No. 72,  con guías en algunos sectores.  El fin de la Orden Ejecutiva No. 72 elimina casi todas las restricciones de distancia y capacidad de lugares.

De acuerdo con esos cambios, el Monseñor Burbidge ha retirado algunas normas que estaban activas en la diócesis anteriormente para el 28 de mayo.  Estos son los cambios:

  • Todas las parroquias pueden regresar al itinerario de misas, Adoración y acceso a la parroquia antes de la pandemia
  • No hay limites de presencia adentro de las iglesias
  • No hay requisitos de mantener distancia social
  • No hay necesidad de mantener desinfectando entre las misas como lo era durante la pandemia
  • A la decisión del párroco, misas en vivo por el internet se pueden continuar para los encerrados en sus hogares
  • En cuanto el uso de las mascarillas
    • Personas que se han vacunado con la vacuna contra el COVID no tienen que ponerse la mascarilla en ningún lugar
    • Aquellos que no se han vacunado se les recomienda que se queden con la mascarilla puesta
    • Sacerdotes no deben de preguntar si la persona se ha vacunado o no
    • Sacerdotes no deben de impedir el acceso a la iglesia u otro edificio de la parroquia a personas sin mascarillas
  • La Comunión se debe de repartir solo en la forma de la Hostia
  • Se pueden implementar coros durante las misas
  • Algunos elementos de la liturgia debe de ser implementados de nuevo:
    • Agua Bendita
    • Las procesiones
    • La colecta
    • La procesión del ofertorio
    • El símbolo de la paz (sin contacto físico entre personas no relacionadas)

Por el momento la dispensa de asistir a la misa continua en efecto.  Algún arreglo de acuerdo con es asunto seria comunicado en el futuro.

Las escuelas continúaran bajo las mismas normas. Por ejemplo: todos los maestros, facultad, estudiantes y visitantes deben de tener la mascarilla puesta sobre la nariz y la boca. cuando en la escuela.

Town Hall Meeting of May 3, 2021

Dear Parishioners,

On behalf of Bishop Burbidge, I share with you additional information about the dangerous federal legislation, the Equality Act., that has passed the House of Representatives and is currently working its way through the Senate.  Below are some immediate and practical ways you and your family can help advocate to stop its passage.

  • Invite parishioners to attend an educational, live webinar, The Equality Act and What it Means for Catholics, on this coming Monday, March 22 at 8:00pm sponsored by our diocese and the Virginia Catholic Conference in collaboration with several other dioceses nationwide. This important event will help educate and engage the faithful and provide tools for effective advocacy. 
  • Contact your Senators offices by email or Twitter as soon as possible and encourage others to do the same. A telephone script with talking points is also available.
  • Prayer and fasting that our lawmakers will decide to uphold the dignity of every person and respect our religious liberty.

Even if the Senate does not get the 60 votes needed to pass the Equality Act, the bill will certainly to be introduced again when proponents believe they have enough votes to pass it. 

For additional information, please contact Therese Bermpohl ( at the Office of Marriage, Family and Respect Life.

Yours in Christ,

Rev, Ramon Baez

Information Concerning the COVID 19 Vaccine


 Click Here to read the complete note from the Congregation For the Doctrine of The  Faith


Racism in America: How we Respond as Catholics

“As you know, Bishop Burbidge established an Advisory Council on Racism (our own Beverly Carroll is a member!)   He is firmly committed to addressing the issue of racism with love, respect, and prayer.  I have asked our parish council to discuss the issue of racism as well and they have been very receptive. 

I want to share this podcast with you from our Office of Communications titled Searching for More.

I happen to know both of the guests on this podcast, Deacon Gerard Marie-Anthony and Mrs. Melissa Rihl.  I have worked with both of them in previous parishes and ministries.  They are both faith-centered people and work very hard to promote peace and justice.  As well, I invite you to watch this other video of Rev. Scott Woods giving a powerful talk in our diocese, see the second video below.

More than ever, let us pray to promote racial harmony and to build a more just society. 

Saint Martin de Porres, pray for us…”



Explanation from Dr. James Starke in the Office of Divine Worship regarding modified requirements for plenary indulgences for November 2020

On October 22, 2020, the Apostolic Penitentiary issued a decree in response to the coronavirus pandemic to modify plenary indulgences applied to the deceased during November 2020. The plenary indulgence normally obtained by visiting a cemetery between November 1st and November 8th can be obtained on any day in November 2020 and even by those who visit a cemetery “even if only mentally.”

Similarly, the plenary indulgence attached to All Souls’ Day, normally obtained by devoutly visiting a church or an oratory on November 2nd (or the preceding or succeeding Sunday), can be obtained on any day in November 2020 at the determination of each member of the faithful.

The usual requirements of a plenary indulgence still apply: complete detachment from sin, Sacramental Confession, Holy Communion, and prayer for the Holy Father’s intentions. Those who are unable to receive Sacramental Confession and Holy Communion because of the coronavirus must have the intention of completing these requirements.

The decree concludes by asking priests to make the Sacrament of Confession generously available and to make Holy Communion available to the sick. All priests are invited to offer three Masses on All Souls’ Day.

Details on the decree are available by Clicking Here


National Vocation Awareness Week

This week we celebrate National Vocation Awareness week.  It is a reminder that each of us is called by God to a vocation.  While most people are called to the married life, some are called to serve in the Catholic Church as a priest, a deacon, or a religious brother or sister.  Bishop Burbidge has written a brief, but beautiful reflection on vocations here:

Statement from Bishop Michael F Burbidge for 2020 National Vocations Awareness Week

Did you know we have a representative for vocation here at Holy Family.   His name is Emanuel Munoz.  A little about him according to his words: 

                                                                “I am a parishioner of Holy Family since 2001. I am a catechist for religious education.

                                                                I am one of the coordinators for the hispanic adult youth group Ágape. I am also a lector

                                                                as well. An alumnus of George Mason University. I am the oldest of three brothers.”


Thank you, Emanuel, for serving the Catholic Diocese of Arlington in such important work.  If you have questions about your vocation, you can reach Emanuel at


Esta semana celebramos La Concientización sobre Las Vocaciones.  Es un recordatorio que cada uno de nosotros somos llamados a una vocaciòn.  Aunque es cierto que la mayoria de nosotros somos llamados a la vida matrimonial, algunos son llamados para servir la Iglesia Catolica como sacerdotes, diaconos, o hermanas y hermanos consagrados.  El Monseñor Burbidge ha escrito un mensaje muy lindo sobre esto en el enlace que coloqué arriba.

¿Sabés que tenemos una persona que nos representa aqui para las vocaciones?  Es Emanuel Munoz.  Aqui el habla de si mismo:

                                                                “Soy un feligres de la Sagrada Familia desde el 2001.  Soy catequista para el programa de

                                                                  educación religiosa.  Soy uno de los coordinadores del grupo Ágape.  Soy un lector también.

                                                                  Me gradué de la Universidad de George Mason.  Yo tengo trés hermanos.


Gracias, Emanuel, por servirle a la Diocesis de Arlington en este trabajo tan importante.  Si tienen alguna pregunta sobre su vocación, pueden mandarle un correo electronico á

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