Inclement Weather

 New Inclement Weather

With the best interest and safety of all in mind, please adhere to the following closing procedures:

  • When inclement weather conditions cause the Prince William County Schools to CLOSE, Holy Family Catholic Church will also close—both School AND Church and all scheduled activities will be cancelled.  There will be no Mass on those days.
  • If schools are opening two hours late, then Holy Family will celebrate the 9:00 AM Mass ONLY.
  • If these weather conditions exist on a NON-School date, then we will do our best to notify a primary Radio Station (probably WMAL).

All Mass intentions will be satisfied by the Priest assigned to any particular Mass in a private Mass said for the intention.

We will always do our best to be open and celebrating Sunday Masses—unless the Bishop of Arlington announces a dispensation from the Obligation to attend—which will almost always be announced on major Radio stations.

We advise parishioners to observe weather conditions and to NOT place themselves at risk of falls in the parking lot. If you drive here in those conditions, you will most likely find the Church closed for the day. This policy change has been made with the interest and concern for our parishioners foremost in our minds.