Meeting Minutes of April 25 2019


April 25, 2019

On April 25, 2019 the Pastoral Council was held in the Parish Rectory.

The opening prayer was said by Father Bill.

Present were: Father Korpi, Bernie Gately, Oscar Velasquez, Freddie Andrade, Larry Pemberton, Cathy Pierce, Kit Wallace, Richard Gill, Sr., Shonnie Montoro, Digger Smith and Anne Rouleau.

Absent were: Martin Alordzinu and Craig Stokolosa

A motion to accept the minutes of the Council meeting of February 28, 2019 as corrected was made Kit Wallace and seconded by Bernie Gately.  The motion passed by a majority voice vote.

To summarize a lengthy discussion on the Strategic Plan Fr. Bill stated there were priorities that had to be addressed before the strategic plan could be instituted.  He said a strategic plan is looking into the future which we are not ready for yet.  Fr. Bill stated one of his primary goals upon being sent to Holy Family was to get us financially stable and he is working to get that achieved.  We are partly there but not totally yet.  Fr. Bill further stated that the Strategic Plan is being put on the back burner until Holy Family can implement it.   Digger Smith stated that part of the plan focused on the communication between all the parish ministries and the Pastoral Council.  Digger indicated that he was disappointed that the Strategic Plan has been pushed to the back.

Fr. Bill stated that the goal of the Parrish Council is to give the best advice to the Pastor about the parish needs.  The question of priority right now is working on dissolving the large negative cash flow and deciding what to do with the Capital Campaign funds.

Fr. Bill has set up a committee to evaluate our security.  Kevin Raymond and Rick Lindsey are attending security meetings with the Prince William County Police.  There are 2 considerations: 1) Coherent Training and 2) How would we enforce intruders.  There will also be an increased presence of police in the parking lot.  They are working on improving lighting all around the church.  Prince William County Police is offering to train for a Parish Watch Program.  They would work together to develop exit strategies in case of an emergency.  We are securing bids on an enhanced security system working with ADT which will involve installing security cameras and other security equipment.

CLEAN UP The parish is planning a volunteer clean-up of the church grounds.  We will cut trees, fix Mary’s Garden, and clean up anywhere that it is needed.  The date has been postponed temporarily.

CAPITAL CAMPAIGN The next 6 months there will be a major disruption in the parish life.  The bulk of the Campaign Funds will be free in about 2 months to start the parish renovations.  Fr. Bill indicated he planned to meet with the major donors and get their permission to change their donations from the original restrictive fund to a new one that would allow us to go ahead with the renovations.  When the money becomes available the project will start.

The remaining funds after all renovations will be placed in a separate account for large projects or repairs.  Eventually we will need to replace the roof and install a sprinkler system in the school and the church.

ELECTION OF COUNCIL OFFICERS    The Chair indicated it was time to consider new officers for the next council year.  Fr. Bill indicated he did not desire to make any changes with the current officers.  Therefore, Larry Pemberton, Chair, Bernie Gately, Vice Chair and Anne Marie Rouleau, Secretary will remain in their current positions for the next Council year.  The Chair appointed a nomination committee consisting of Cathy Pierce, Chair, Anne Rouleau and Oscar Velasquez to recommend nominees to the Pastor to fill two vacant positions on the council.

We have 7 applications due for review before the May 28th deadline for applications.   The Committee will review them soon.  The Finance Committee is also in need of a new member.

Wilmer Munoz informed the chair that he would be resigning from the Council because of a conflict with his Religious ED Teaching.

50TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE PARISH.   The parish will be celebrating 50 years as a parish in September 2020.  A planning Committee will be set up to look into a celebration.

MASS ON HOLY DAYS It has been established that the Holy Day Masses will be:  A Spanish Mass will be on the vigil at 7:00 and English Masses will be on the day of the Holy Day at 7:00 and 9:00 AM and at 5:00 PM in the evening.  A Spanish Mass will be held at 7:30 the night of the Holy Day.

SOCIAL MINISTRY There has been wonderful generosity with the food donations.  The Administrative teams work three days a week, Monday, Tuesday & Thursday from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.  They fill bags, answer the phones and make appointments, put incoming food on the shelves and anything that needs to be done. Client Teams come in on Monday and Wednesday afternoons from 4:00 to 7:00 and Saturday morning from 9:00 to 12:00 to hand out food to our clients.  We also have a logistics team that supervises the food that comes from other places other than the donations—St. Lucy Program and Companion.  We have a good working relationship with both.

There is also a backpack program where we fill backpacks with individual types of food—chips, canned fruit, packaged cupcakes, small cans of baked beans, vegetables, sausage, soups, any individual portions.  These back packs are given to needy children, once a month, that go to Hampton (Formerly Godwin) and Bel Aire schools.

ESL.  Guadalupe Thompson and Digger Smith will be starting an ESL class.  We need rooms.  Hoping for classes during Fall, Winter and Spring.

SPECIAL MEETING There will be a special meeting to discuss Bishop’s request to find out why people are leaving the Church.


The Chair closed with a prayer.



Anne Rouleau



Approved: June 25, 2019

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