Meeting Minutes of April 26, 2022

Holy Family Catholic Church Parish Council Meeting Minutes


Members Present: Fr. Ramon Baez, Freddy Andrade, Joshua Munoz, Imelda August, Jack Beers, Sue Jones, Carol Krieger, Terry Mannion, Eileen Marcy, Kevin McVicker, Anselm Ojuah, John Zurcher.

Date: 4/26/2022

Time Start: 6:38pm

Discussion Point 1: Townhall Meeting Preview by Fr. Baez

  • Father Baez gave a preview of the townhall meeting, with a disclaimer that some of the information has just been given to Father Baez and will need to be prepared to show at the townhall meeting. The preview will cover future plans for the parish as well as the capital campaign and other charts. A printed document of the parish assessment is not on hand, but it will be given in the townhall meeting. The amount of money collected from the campaign donors from the capital campaign in total was $2.1 million and was put into a Restricted Funds account. The expenditures were passed around the table. There are 2 colored highlights on the rough draft of the expenditures: one for the architect fees and the other for lawyer fees (which were for County approval of the project).
  • Once a project was declared that it couldn’t be done, there was a question about what happened to the money. The money that remains of the capital campaign will discussed in the townhall meeting. The restricted funds were not used for other expenses in which the capital campaign was made for by neither Father Creedon nor Father Korpi. A list of projects completed with the remaining Capital Campaign Funds will be attached at the end of this document. The expenses seen on the list were all approved by the Diocese and none of it was used for operational purposes (i.e. paying salaries). One anonymous donor asked for their money back for personal reasons which had nothing to do with the change in plans for capital campaign fund use which was $80,100.
  • $313,000 remains from the Capital Campaign funds and a more exact number will be written.
  • Some people were upset that the money they donated was being used for a different purpose by Father Korpi, the use of the money did help the parish, but some people might bring up being upset about not being consulted about the change.
  • Father Korpi helped the parish get to financial safe footing.
  • Father will reiterate in the townhall meeting that the expenses for the parish was approved by the Bishop.
  • Government check for COVID has helped the parish pay the salaries of the staff working in the parish.
  • Collections are going up compared to how it was during the beginning of the pandemic.
  • The Diocese has their own architect in house, but a lot of parishes go to architects outside of the one recommended by the Diocese.
  • A big relief is to hear was that none the of funds was being used of operational expenses.
  • An assessment of the parish for a 10-year outlet and costs $10,000. The parish has no major structural issues that need to be fixed. A hot water heater and another hot water heater need to be replaced. The company that made the assessment said that the parish was functioning. Father will include a list of fixes that should be made in the townhall meeting. The parish does not have a sprinkler system $70,000 and does not have an ADA approval because there is no lift. If a lift is put, then a sprinkler system must be installed. Something will need to be replace at some point within 10-years which will be a capital expense that needs to be dealt with. $230,000 has been set aside for the school roof and the roof of the parish has a lifespan of 10-years. The parish has a rainy-day fund; Father will ask the parish if it should be used.
  • Father has desires to fix the sanctuary which was a recommended project and the money from the capital campaign will be used. Marble Alter with a steel infrastructure, wooden ambo. The marble for the altar will be of a certain grade that keeps the weight of the altar light. Father told the architect that he doesn’t want this to be a runaway expense and needs to stay with the realm of $300,000. A shielding for the organ will be placed and the crawl space will be removed. According to the architects, the project will take about 2-weeks to complete, and the sanctuary will still be able to use throughout the project. A wall will be put up and the altar can be moved up a bit for use of Mass. The remaining $313,000 from the capital campaign will be used to complete this project.
  • A new HVAC will be bought if the one needing replaced dies. The money will realistically come out of a rainy-day fund. Father was going to approach certain individuals to see if they can contribute to a plan for about 7-years. The assessment says that the units is working. Father will bring up the HVAC situation in the townhall meeting to see what people think should be the next course of action.
  • Father Ramon reported that it would cost $80,000 for a new sound system. It was suggested to Father Ramon to bring up the proposal for a new sound system during the townhall meeting.
  • Father Ramon asks for the council’s presence in the townhall meeting

Discussion Point 2: New Council Members Briefing

  • May 15th is the due date for the new parish council nominations. A pulpit announcement will be done and nomination forms will be handed out. Freddy, Lorena, and Sue will be finishing their terms. Younger members will be reached out to. Action steps will be done after the meeting concerning council nominations.
  • Leadership terms for Wayne and Freddy are about to be up as well as a backup secretary if Joshua steps down.

Discussion Point 3: Finance Council Briefing

  • Terry gave the report from the 31st of March. Current assets 18.6 higher than last year. In future parish council meetings Terry will give a five-minute briefing regarding the most important details from the Financial Council details.
  • Someone in charge of the communications is needed. Father has someone in mind for the Director of Religious Education. A restructuring will be made in the Religious Education office.
  • Father Baez reported that the parish will be getting another Priest.

Discussion Point 4: Festival Meeting

  • Not many people showed up to the festival meeting. More volunteers are needed to help with the festival. More sponsors will be sought after. Some positions are vacant in the festival committee.

Discussion Point 5: Synod Update

  • Wayne Mattson forwarded the results from the Synod listening session to Father Planty. Father Ramon has addressed some of the subject covered in the listening session in the bulletin. Father found someone to attend the world meeting of families in Rome. The Bishop will look at the information from the listening sessions throughout the Diocese.
  • Father Ramon mentioned wanted to clarify some things during the listening sessions but was unable to because the rules for the synod was to listen.
  • Father also recognizes that communication in the parish is a problem that needs to be fixed.
  • The listening session notes will be emailed to everyone in the parish council.
  • Miscellaneous: John and Carol discussed the classes on the Eucharist.

Discussion Point 6: Hymnal Update

  • The parish has new hymnals for English Masses.

Discussion Point 7: Altar Servers Situation

  • Deacon Joe and Marina Vas are training the altar servers. The parish needs more altar servers since three are graduating. If there are some who we believe are good candidates approach the parents and ask them to consider this. Father will go to classrooms to recruit new altar servers.

Discussion Point 9: What Father Needs from the Council

  • Please Pray for the townhall meeting and pray that people will be receptive.
  • Father mentioned that 23 couples will be married.

Discussion Point 10: Council Suggestions to the Pastor

  • Freddy suggested that father bring some notes from the synod listening sessions to the townhall meeting. The townhall meeting will be Bilingual and there will be translators.

Closing Prayer: 8:23pm

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