Meeting Minutes of August 29 2019


AUGUST 29, 2019


On August 29, 2019 the Pastoral Council meeting was held in the parish rectory.

The opening prayer was said by Fr. Bill.

Present were Fr. Bill, Bernie Gately, Oscar Velasquez, Freddie Andrade, Larry Pemberton, Cathy Pierce, Kit Wallace, Richard Gill, Sr., Shonnie Montoro, Digger Smith, Martin Alordzinu and Anne Rouleau.

A motion to accept the minutes of the last Pastoral Council Meeting (06/26/2019) was made by Bernie Gately and seconded by Kit Wallace.  The motion passed with a majority voice vote.

FINANCIAL SITUATION Fr. Korpi gave us a review of the financial statement for FY 19.  He indicated that he felt we had a good year.  The report sent to the diocese had an Offertory increase by 8% overall, netting a surplus of $394,000.00 between the Church and school.  Bishop Burbage gave us $100,000.00 last year for the Church and then later gave us $20,000.00 for the school.

The Diocesan Finance Office granted us permission to use the Capital Campaign Funds to make renovations in accordance with the original plans.  One item that was not in the original plans was the renovation and movement of the confessional. All other remodeling was as part of the original capital campaign.

Fr. Bill informed that council that a 3% salary increase for staff was planned in the FY 20 Budget.  He indicated that the staff had not been given a raise in 3 years.

BRIEFING ON REMODELING PROJECT We had a guest at the meeting.  Sam DiMascio came and gave a report on the estimated timeline and costs of the renovations.

On Monday, Sept 9th the pews will be dismantled and taken out.  Fr. Bill bought 400 new chairs that will replace the existing chairs.  During the renovations daily Mass will be held in the Fr. Creedon Room Mon through Sat morning.  All week-end Masses will be in the Nave.  Chairs will be set up on Saturday morning by the Knights of Columbus and taken down after the last Mass on Sunday.  There will also be an extra Spanish Mass at 10:00 on Sundays in the gym.   Numbers in preferences represent the actual project cost.

The projected costs of the different repairs are:

Parking Lots & Thorough ways                                       $306,575.00 ($299,075.00)

Pews-Main Floor/Balconies (including Disposal)      $179,693.00 ($177,828.00)

Flooring MF (Carpet & Tiles) & Bals. (Carpet)            $66,121.00   ($51,824.00)


            Cry Room

Confessionals Wall Sheathing & Painting


Total                                                                                   $194,000.00 (199,543)

Lighting System                                                                  $100,000.00 ($118,328.00) +

Ceiling (painting)                                                                $50,000.00 ($25,779.00) +

Solar Window Film                                                             $2,000.00 ($1,135.00)

Detail Design                                                                       $15,000.00

TOTAL COST                                                                        $913,389.00 ($888,512.00)

TOTAL COST (Including Diocesan Fee)                        $925,341.00 ($909,348.00)

All the Coordinators are reviewed by the Diocese.  The Diocese does not make the final decision.  They just want to make sure the money is being spent wisely.

The Special Projects Coordinating Committee are Larry Pemberton, Joe Anderson, John Castro, Walter Dick, Sam DiMascio (Coordinator), Rich Kadlubowski, Pat McFarland and Oscar Velasquez.

The time schedule of the different projects.

Installation of Pews            Monday, November 11               Friday, November 15

Installation of Flooring       Monday, November 4                 Friday, November 08

Installation of Lighting        Monday, October 14                   Friday, November 01

Painting of Ceiling               Monday, October 7                      Friday, October 11

Nave Remodeling               Tuesday, August 27                      Friday, October 04

Rest Rooms                          Tuesday, August 27                      Friday, October 25

Demo/Disposal of Pews     Monday, September 09              Friday, September 13


50TH ANNIVERSARY    Jan Clark is researching the 50th anniversary of Holy Family which will be held next fall in September 2020.  She is looking through many old pictures.  She needs the names of people who were in the parish in 1970 to help her identify pictures.

FESTIVAL   Holy Family Fun Festival is Friday Sept 6th & Saturday Sept 7th.  Rick Lindsey is chairing the festival and he seems to have everything under control.

APPRECIATION DINNER   A question was brought up about the Volunteer Appreciation Dinner.  It is in the budget and has been tabled until spring.

Digger Smith said that they are getting low on volunteers.  We should have a Ministry fair soon.  We do have a Volunteer Coordinator.  Mary Dvoroznak has volunteered to be the Coordinator.  Fr. Bill asked the Executive Committee—Larry Pemberton, Bernie Gately and Anne Rouleau to meet with Mary Dvoroznak and set up guide of what the Volunteer Coordinator’s responsibilities would be.

NEW COUNCIL MEMBERS The two new Council members are:  Linda DeBroux and JoAnn Johnson.  They will be at our next meeting on October 24, 2019.

The next Pastoral Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, October 24, 2019.

The meeting adjourned at 9:30 with a closing prayer by Rich Gill.

Respectfully submitted:


Anne Rouleau



October 24, 2019

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