Meeting Minutes of February 28 2019


February 28, 2019


On February 28, 2019 the Pastoral Council was held in the rectory.

The opening prayer was said by Fr. Bill.

Present were: Father Korpi, Bernie Gately, Oscar Velasquez, Freddie Andrade, Larry Pemberton, Cathy Pierce and Anne Rouleau.

Absent were: Martin Alordzinu, Richard Gill, Sr., Shonnie Montoro, Digger Smith, Craig Stoklosa and Kit Wallace

Wilmer Munoz gave his notice and has resigned from the Council.

A motion was made and seconded to accept the minutes of the Pastoral Council Meeting of January 3, 2019 as amended to include a report submitted by Digger.  Because of its length the report was not included in the minutes.  He had two issues that he wanted to highlight.  First, He was concerned with the failure to act on the majority of the Prince William County Police security recommendations.  He felt that should there be an incident arising from or exacerbated by the deficiencies identified in the report, the Church would be potentially exposed to significant, but avoidable legal liability.  In his opinion he also felt many of the deficiencies identified could be easily and inexpensively corrected.  Second, he was concerned with the continued delay in implementing the Father Creedon-approved strategic plan which engage the considerable energy and abilities of Pastoral Council members in both the identification of on-going challenges across the full spectrum of issues effecting Holy Family and the development of actionable recommendations for the pastor’s consideration.

In the strategic plan, nothing was mentioned about the financial condition of the Parrish.  Fr. Bill indicated that the strategic plan as written would not be implemented.  Fr. Bill also stated that he did not feel it was a true strategic plan because it did not address the financial condition of the Parish at the time.  Their may be parts of the plan that could be used separately, such as the council members liaison with the various Parish ministries in providing report to the Council.

Fr. Bill is optimistic that the ship is turning around; He can see light at the end of the tunnel.  Last year we ended with a $30,000.00 surplus and this year the surplus may be doubled.

CAPITAL COMPAIGN Fr. Bill reported that he approached the Knights and asked them if one or two of the Knights would act as Project Manager.  Sam Dimascio volunteered and meetings have already begun.  The next step is to send out a letter asking the donors to change the name of the restrictive fund to fund a new restrictive fund.  The 1st phase is to outline the cost of the things we want done with the first thing to be done is a new parking lot then the pews, new rugs and painting of the Church.  A meeting is scheduled March 5, 2019 with Bob Nash.  One of the things we want to know is if our estimates are correct.  Bids have been coming in on the bathrooms with 2 stalls (one being handicapped).   They will replace the Deacons’ office and Jodi’s office.

The hope is to put in a sprinkling system in the school and the Church with another building campaign for a smaller amount.

We are securing bids on an enhanced security system working with ADT which will solve security doors.

DONATION FROM BISHOP BURBIDGE Bishop Burbidge gave us $100,000.00 to be used for the school.  We have already spent about $20,000.00 for tuition.

SECURITY Rick Lindsey will be security representative.  It is suggested that we establish a Citizen Advisory—A Worship Watch (like a neighborhood watch) A Committee would be formed to act as security at the Church—going through the parking lot daily, as well as, the Church.

ELECTION OF COUNCIL OFFICERS    It’s time for Council Officer elections.  Fr. Bill indicated he did not want to make a change in the officer position at this time.  A nominating committee was appointed made up of Cathy Pierce, Anne Rouleau and Oscar Velasquez.  This committee will review applicants and make a recommendation to fill a vacancy on resulting from Wilmer Munoz resignation.    We have one member who has missed several meetings in the past year.  The Chair indicated he would be giving him a call to ascertain if he desires to remain on the Council.  Constant meeting attendance is one of the requirements for continued membership on the council.

LENT The Chair brought up the question to Fr. Bill if the Rice Bowl project would be done this year during Lent. Fr. Bill indicated that it would, but he would be signing off on the projects that Holy Family would be supporting from a portion of the proceeds.  The rice bowls would be distributed on Ash Wednesday.

FALLEN AWAY CATHOLICS   There is a loss of 3% of Catholics from the Diocese.  The Bishop would like the Pastoral Council to find out why people are leaving.  How can we reach out to our neighbors?  It is true that 30% of regular parishioners actively come to Church; 70% don’t come and about 10% are C & E.

HARBOR CHASE Harbor Chase is a new building for 55 and older.  It accommodates living for 55 & older, assisted living and has an area for memory cases.  Holy Family will start ministering to them.  Mass will be said the 2nd Tuesday of the month, Eucharistic Ministers will be assigned on Sundays to bring Communion and  the Happy Visitors will be making visits and Priests will hear confessions.

BAPTISTRY The Baptistry was painted and cleaned up.  It has been dedicated to the honor of Fr. Creedon.  It is now known as Fr. Gerry Creedon Room.

JOURNEY WITH JESUS   The next Journey with Jesus will be April 14, 2019.

Our next meeting will be April 25, 2019.

Larry Pemberton said the closing prayer.

Submitted by:


Anne Rouleau


Approved April 25, 2019

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