Meeting Minutes of January 3 2019


JANUARY 3, 2019

The first Pastoral Meeting of 2019 was held on January 3 in the rectory.

The opening prayer was said by Father Bill.

Larry welcomed everyone present and wished all a happy and prosperous New Year.  The members present were Oscar Velasquez, Martin Alordzinu, Kit Wallace, Anne Rouleau, Digger smith, Cathy Pierce, Richard Gill, Larry Pemberton, Bernie Gately, Freddy Andrade and Shonnie Montoro.  Absent was Wilber Munoz.

We welcomed a new member to the Pastoral Council.  Shonnie Montoro who is replacing Noel Montoro.

The minutes of the last Pastoral Meeting (10/25/18) were approved and seconded.

CAPITAL CAMPAIGN Father Korpi reported.  There have been 3 people who have come and measured to estimate the cost of putting in a new parking lot.  However, no one has returned with an estimate.

Rick Lindsey counted and measured for new pews.  He estimated that the number of people we could accommodate is 650, however the Diocese estimates 850.

The Diocese will help with providing information cost estimates and sources for the purchase of pews.

Bids are to be taken for a security door to be put in at the entrance of the school.  It has to be installed when school is out.

Father Bill wants to ask if there is a Knight that could act as project manager for the renovation of the Church.  Bernie Gately went to the Knight’s program Director’s meeting on Jan 9th and will go to the Knights’ regular meeting on Jan. 16th requesting the help of the Knights with this project.

VOLUNTEER RECOGNITION Kathy Pierce gave a report on what the committee came up with for nominating volunteers for recognition.  It was turned over to Father Korpi to go over and give us his ideas.

RITE OF ELECTION Father suggested that we have a little party for the those participating in the Rite of Election for the new people entering the Church.  It was thought that Holy Family is large enough to invite the surrounding parishes and do one.

COUNT OF WEEKLY ATTENDANCE During the month of November a count of attendance was taken at each Mass.  The average attendance was 29.7 % of registered parishioners attend mass each week.  In 2018, Holy Family average attendance per week was 2,437 while in 2017 it was 2,311. Highest mass weekly attendance was 1100.

CHARITY FROM COLLECTION A little blue square is in the bulletin and also displayed on the bulletin board in the Narthex with a report of how much of the collection has been donated to the special account to be used for charity.   It will also be show what the money has been used for.

HARBOR CHASE Harbor Chase is a new building for 55 and older.  It accommodates living for 55 & older, assisted living and has an area for memory cases.  Holy Family will start ministering to them.  HF will be take communion to the residents and a Mass will be conducted once a month, the Friendly Visitors will be making visits and Priests will hear confessions.

BAPTISTRY   HF wants to rename the Baptistry in honor of Father Gerry Creedon.  However, before that happens we need to fix the roof and paint the room.

INCLEMENT WEATHER POLICY When inclement weather conditions cause the Prince William County Schools to CLOSE, Holy Family Catholic Church will also close -- ­­both School and Church and all scheduled activities will be cancelled. There will be no Mass on those days.  If schools are opening 2 hours late, then Holy Family will celebrate the 9 am Mass only.  If these weather conditions exist on a NON- School date, then we will do our best to notify a primary Radio Station (probably WMAL) We advise parishioners to observe weather conditions and to NOT place themselves at risk of falls in the parking lot.  If you drive here in those conditions, you will most likely find the Church closed for the day.  The policy change has been made with the interests and concern for our parishioners foremost in our minds. All Mass intentions will be satisfied by the Priest assigned to any particular Mass in a private Mass said for the intention.  We will always do our best to be open and celebrating Sunday Masses.—unless the Bishop of Arlington announces a dispensation from the Obligation to attend – which will almost always be announced on major Radio stations.

MISCELLANEOUS Bernie Gately and Larry Pemberton attended a meeting with Bishop Burbage relating to the Sexual abuse of children in the Church.  They said it was very helpful and productive.  The Bishop was asked many questions by those in attendance and they felt, the answers were honest and encouraging.  In the coming weeks, all the names of the Priests from the diocese, who were involved (living or dead) will be listed in the Catholic Herald.

The next Journeys with Jesus will be January 6, 2019 and February 10, 2019.  (The first Sunday is Superbowl Sunday and John said he will not compete against that again.)

The next meeting for the Parish Counsel will be February 28, 2016.

Respectably submitted,



Anne Rouleau

Approved: February 28, 2019

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