Meeting Minutes of June 26 2019



On June 26, 2019, the Pastoral Council was held in the Parish rectory.

The opening prayer was said by Fr. Bill.

Present were Fr. Bill, Bernie Gately, Oscar Velasquez, Freddy Andrade, Larry Pemberton, Cathy Pierce, Kit Wallace, Richard Gill, Sr., Shonnie Montoro, Digger Smith, Martin Alordzinu and Anne Rouleau. Absent was Craig Stokolosa

A motion was made by Richard Gill and seconded by Cathy Pierce to approve the minutes of the last Pastoral Meeting (04/25/2019). The motion passed by a majority voice vote.

Father reported that we surpassed our BLA goal as a parish—101%.

Parish Renovations Father Korpi reported that we are in the middle of the parking lot resurfacing It will be done by 7/9th .  Phone calls are coming in requesting that more things get done. Fr. Bill wants the leftover monies to go into a fund for repair and replacement.  A contract has been issued to Miller Church Interiors, Inc for the pew removal and replacement. The committee selected to oversee the remodeling project is receiving advice from a representative from the diocese. We will be without pews for about 8 weeks and will rent 800 chairs. The first row of pews in the balcony will be removed. The rails in the balcony were painted and Plexiglas has been installed. A widescreen will be set up be set up in the gym for viewing of televised masses from the nave.  The next step is to get estimates and signing of a contract for lighting, flooring and painting of the ceiling.

Fallen Away Catholics Fr. Luis has some good ideas. We have to stop the bleeding and be a more welcoming parish. The Eucharistic Ministers do well receiving Mass attendees. Father would like to see the Ushers a bit more welcoming.  Father will have a meeting with the ushers to discuss what he wants changed. He wants to rename the ushers to “Ministers of Hospitality”.  Bernie Gately and Martin Alordzinu have agreed to attend the meeting. He is going to ask Art Peacott to become the Chief Usher. Volunteers have to be recognized and appreciated.  A volunteer appreciation dinner is being budgeted into the annual budget for one big volunteer appreciation dinner.

Parish Assembly There is a thought to have a parish assembly with a little hoopla—maybe a band.

It is suggested that a presentation from the different ministries to the Parish Council, with a representative from the different groups to come and make a presentation and talk about what their group does. Fr. Bill stated he has spoken with the staff and committees, and they are eager to come.

The chair reminded the council that function of the Parrish Council is to give the best advice to the Pastor about the parish needs. He also, recommended reading material on the parish website.

We have seven applications for membership to the Pastoral Council that are due for review before the 28th of June. The Committee will review them soon.

The Finance Committee is also in need of a new member. Fr. Bill will make the final selection of members.

SOCIAL MINISTRY Digger divided the activities of the Social Ministry into two sections: Outreach Program coordinated by Digger Smith and Advocacy Program coordinated by Marsha Williams. The Outreach Program revolves around a variety of emergency assistance in the community, ie: food pantry, HOGAR, St Lucy Blue Bags, ESOL, Rice Bowl, Homeless Shelter meals, etc. The Advocacy Program revolves around outreach programs outside the Parish, ie: Black Heritage month, Catholics for Housing, CCDA, CCHD, Peace and Justice, SALT, VCC, VICPP and VOICE. English as a Second Language (ESL) sign ups have been very successful. They have 35 teachers. HOGAR is no longer a part but is helping us get started, getting books, etc. We will be recruiting students first from Holy Family than from the outside community.

Fr. Bill informed the council that we have negotiated with Catholic Charities for a Counseling Therapist (Bianca Alvarado) She will be in once every other week.

It was proposed and voted upon to change the time of the meeting from 7:30 to 7:00 PM.

The next meeting will be Thursday, August 29, 2019 at 7:00 PM.

Richard Gill, Sr. closed with a prayer.

Submitted by:


Anne Rouleau


Approved August 29, 2019

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