Meeting Minutes of October 26, 2021

Holy Family Catholic Church Pastoral Council Meeting Mutes

October 26, 2021

Attendees:  Freddy Andrade, Jack Beers, Anselm Ojuah, Sue Jones, Carol Krieger, Terry Manion, Wayne Mattson, Kevin McVicker, Eileen Marcy, Joshua Munoz, Father Ramon.  Also attending as observers were Cathy Pierce and Anne Rouleau

Time Start: 6:39


Discussion Point 1: Introduction of New Council Member/Observers

-Observers were introduced to the council.

Discussion Point 2: 2021/2022 Planning Meeting Take-Aways/Recap

-The 2021-2022 planning session meeting (held on October 23) for the council was discussed.

-The purpose of the planning session was to plan goals for the upcoming year for the Parish Council.

-A recap of the planning session will be published with the Council meeting minutes.

-A recap of the session was given.

-Thoughts on the planning session itself:

- Was a good length.

-A half-day planning session should be done next year.

-We will discuss how to execute ideas after this present meeting.

-A year from now discussions of Synodality must be done and might interrupt this planning process.

-Father explained what Synodality was “With the Synod, Bishops gather on a continuous basis to discuss the Church and the world. Now the Holy Father wants to change the way it is done”

-Late October 2022 will probably be the range of the planning session in a different location.  That planning session will be to set 2023 goals and plans.-An early November meeting will follow to put the planning session goals in motion

Discussion Point 3: Needs for Council member volunteer work

-Calls to parishioners will be made to verify membership, invite people back to attendance, encourage Flocknotes, is an uncertain amount of people that need to be called.

-An email will be sent from Father concerning the amount of people that need to be called.

-There are 1,033 recipients of offertory envelopes. A small portion of parishioners are using the envelopes.

-An attendance count is occurring during every mass.

-There are 2500 people registered to the Parish.

-284 of 2500 people are giving through Faith Direct. There are some who are concerned with Faith direct. There are many who are receiving offertory envelopes but are not using them. The parish spends thousands of dollars to send envelopes.

-The parish will see who is not sending envelopes and cut them off to see who those individuals respond. There are some who claim that they are on Faith Direct, and they still receive envelopes.

-There is a large number of people who are not coming to mass.

-Terry will be attending the Finance meeting at the Parish as a liaison from the Pastoral Council.

-Father was hesitant to switch from Faith Direct to another offertory service because there might still be a small number of people using the service.

-Last year computers were set up in Father Creedon room that explained what Faith Direct is.

-The parish does not have information concerning the demographics of the parish.

-The offertory envelopes are more expensive for the Parish than using Faith Direct.

-The bank can also send checks from an individual’s bank account to the parish so that people don’t have to worry about writing out a check and sending it to the parish.

-A suggestion to market the parish a bit so that more people can use Faith Direct and return offertory envelopes. Marketing could get more people to help the parish and help a bit more financially speaking. Sending emails weekly to parishioners could help as well.

-Another suggestion was to ask those who are not returning envelopes the reason why they aren’t using the envelopes.

-Parishioner call sheets were a bit difficult to read. The parish has a better handle with the parishioner calls.

-The situation concerning Faith Direct and offertory envelopes are on the call script.

-A separate sheet to write down notes, more parish information can be put on the script, Calls can be done on Saturdays and Sundays. The parish has someone working at the office for the weekends.  A “signup genius” will be set up so that Pastoral Council members can make the calls on a scheduled basis

-Groups can be asked for assistance with the calls mostly for the parishioners who do not speak English.

-The parish council will do an hour of Adoration as a group for the 40 hours of Adoration.  Date and time TBD by email

Discussion Point 4: 2022 Council Meeting Schedule Dates

-The Bylaws state that the council shall meet at least Quarterly.

-Some members of the council believe that meeting only every other month can prevent the council from getting things done. A suggestion was that a small group could meet every month to execute plans. Constant communication between members could help with this issue.

-Meeting 8 or 9 times a year was proposed. Meetings could be placed after major events such as the Festival, Thanksgiving, Easter, or Christmas.

- It was decided that there will be eight General Council meetings in 2022.  Seven will be on the fourth Tuesday of February, March, April, June, August, October and December.  The eighth will be on the second Tuesday in November as a follow-up to the October 2022 planning session

-A Google calendar for the Council will be placed so that all meetings can be put on a calendar.

Discussion Point 5: Parish Mission Statement Sub-Committee

-Carol, Eileen, and Kevin have been working on a Parish Mission Statement at Father Ramon’s request.  They came up with:  Holy Family Catholic Church is a culturally diverse community dedicated to proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ through Word, Sacrament and Service.


-The sub-committee explained that they reviewed other parish mission statements and other sources, and ultimately decided that “short and sweet” is best.

-Father Ramon indicated that with additional financial support, the parish can have better bulletins and can maintain the parish website, and many other desired initiatives.

Discussion Point 6: Racism Initiative

-Due to the lack of progress made with the “Racism Initiative”, the Executive Council saw fit to change it to “Inclusivity/bringing together/sharing among Cultures”.

-In the Council setting not much progress has been with the “Racism Initiative”.  It is too sensitive an issue and people are not comfortable having a frank conversation about the topic in a group setting

-If there are any reports of issues they need to be brought to the Council’s attention by Council members at every future meeting.  An agenda item will remain at future meetings for that reporting

-Many of us have our own languages that we speak, by getting to know the different cultures and nationalities of parishioners the Parish can be more unified. There has been a lack of participation for parishioners of different cultures speak during mass more specifically during the Intersessions.

-There are many ethnicities in the Parish.

-“Sub-Culture” was deemed a better term to discuss different cultures, rather than race, ethnicity, .

-The “Trunk-or-Treat” was discussed. Father discussed the situation “Many people in Central America do not celebrate Halloween and some believe it to be demonic. A couple of parishes do celebrate this, but it is difficult to approach the topic since there are different cultures that do not celebrate Halloween.”

-Sometimes there are things we may not like such as this, but it is part of a culture here.

- Participants were asked not to wear scary costumes, so this is believed to have avoided demonic aspects of the celebration

Discussion Point 7: Hymnal Status

-Father Ramon and his staff are in the process of reviewing the samplers of the Hymnals and once the review is done, they will be purchased.

-2 Master copies delivered, and the choir copy is on its way.

-A booklet will be made for the Spanish hymns, “Flor y Canto” books are too expensive. The new hymnals contain hymns in Spanish as well, and a supplemental booklet of Spanish songs will be printed and inserted on a regular basis

-The choir for the 10 O’ Clock mass is now rehearsing


Discussion Point 8: “Traffic Control” of People/cars Arriving for Next Mass Before End of Current

-There have been some complaints that after the 8:30 AM mass there is too much traffic in the parking lot and not enough parking. The topic was deemed unessential for the council meeting. The issue could be that R.E. is controlling traffic which slows done the flow.

-R.E. scheduling for 2022/2023 will most likely change to reflect what the mass scheduling is and allow for better traffic flow.

- Council members are encouraged to provide follow-up feedback to persons that have expressed concerns, so that they understand that their issues have been discussed by the Council, along with the proposed remedies

Discussion Point 10: Welcome Packet Status

-The welcome packet is still in the process of being complete.

Discussion Point 11: Festival Recap

-$30,000+ profit was made from the festival. $10,000 was made from sponsorships.  These are still raw numbers, but pretty close.

-A presentation of the check will be done during the masses soon.

-Those who oversaw the festival this year will take charge next year.

-The individual stands were unsure of how much they sold. The Parish only tracked the number of tickets sold.  It was agreed this is an area of concern, to be discussed by the 2022 Festival planners

Discussion Point 12: What’s on Father’s Mind/In What Way Can Council Advise/Assist?

-Father Ramon is content.  No further input is needed from Council at this time

-There will be a penance service for Advent on December 6th at 6pm.

-The Mission will be the 12th, 13th , 14th . 2 Dominican Sisters will give talks and said talks will be broadcasted.

-An Advent Retreat will be given on December 4th in Spanish.

Discussion Point 13: Individual Council Member Questions/Thoughts/Feedback

-An email will be sent to discuss Adoration Hours for the Parish Council

-Anselm invited the council to a memorial mass for his mother on December 19th.

- Wayne will set up a text distribution list to supplement the email distribution, to foster Council communication

-A follow-up session for goals will be had on Tuesday November 9th.

Closing Prayer: 8:20 PM


Submitted By:


Joshua Munoz



Approved: November 22, 2021


 2021/2022 Planning meeting recap:

  • 10/23/21 8:30AM – 12:45PM in HF gym
  • Attendees: Father Ramon, Wayne Mattson, Freddy Andrade, Joshua Munoz, Emelda August, Jack Beers, Anselm Ojuah, Sue Jones, Carol Krieger, Terry Manion, Eileen Marcy
  • Missing: Kevin McVicker, John Zurcher, Lorena Gudiel
  • Meeting began with Mass, breakfast and an icebreaker
  • Wayne reviewed the Pastoral Council functions from the by-laws, and identified constituencies that serve other roles in terms of helping the parish mission
  • Suggestions for possible Parish Council focus were many, and included:
  • Unify different sub-communities w/in parish
  • Better communication w/in Council and also parish
  • Revamp bulletin with variety/color/etc
  • Timely posting of Council meeting minutes
  • Keeping nave TV up to date
  • Spiritual booster/adult formation ideas (mini-retreats, cursillo, other parish-based programs)
  • Better interaction/coordination among participant groups w/in parish (Legion of Mary, Knights, Hispanic prayer group, etc.)
  • Multi-cultural interaction and events
  • Basic foreign language training
  • “My culture” Sunday by different subcultures (meet and greet after Mass)
  • Include one “Bit of good news/progress” in weekly announcements
  • Dialogue sessions (between subcultures)
  • Identifying of common ground or points of conflict
  • Parish survey
  • How to identify post-quarantine Mass attendees vs. people fallen away vs. still watching online. How do we count online attendance, and who?
  • Using left-over bulletins in food pantry bags/door to door to invite people back
  • High-level initiative 1: Promote unity among diverse subcultures w/in HF
  • Goal #1: Organize sub-culture “this is my culture” meet and greet after Masses once per month (education, food, language, etc.)?
  • Goal #2: Invite one or two sub-cultural group representatives to each council meeting to present how HF can serve them better
  • High-level initiative 2: Growing Mass attendance and parish registration
  • Goal #1: Finish the calls to parishioners (by January 31, 2022)
  • Goal #2: Personal invitations from Council members

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