Mass Attendance Notice

Posted on July 9, 2020
This message is sent in agreement with our Pastor, Fr. Ramon:
We are excited about the increased attendance at all masses since we have reopened.  For us to conform with the guidelines set by the Diocese and the State we must constantly be aware of the attendance capacity at all our masses.

We are noticing near capacity attendance at the 8:30 am Sunday mass and an over capacity attendance at our 1 PM Sunday mass.   Because of the high attendance at these two masses we are encouraging our parishioners to consider attending one of the four under-capacity masses: the two Saturday Vigil Masses and the 9 am and 11 am Sunday masses.

Effective this weekend, July 11/12 we will be live streaming the 1 pm Spanish mass to the Fr. Griffin Hall (Gym) for viewing.  Once the capacity is reached at the 1 pm mass in the main church, parishioners will be directed to the Gym.  Communion will be made available for all in attendance in the gym.


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