Please Donate to Our Building Fund Capital Campaign

Building Fund Capital Campaign

We have began our Building Fund Campaign to enhance our church and take care of some of the much needed improvements in our facilities.  In order for us to make this effort successful we must raise two million dollars. To meet our goal of two million dollars will require the support of every parishioner. We are encouraging each parishioner to make a pledge that will be paid over three years.  We realize that every family’s financial situation is different.  Therefore, we are asking that you pledge what your budget will allow.

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From the Pastor,

Some parishioners have commented that they cannot afford to consider a 4,000 dollar pledge over three years.  I thank the many who have made such a pledge.  Some have been even more generous.  But if you cannot afford that amount, 100 dollars a month, a lesser amount such as 40 a month will be very helpful.  Any amount pledged over three years becomes a significant support.  I appreciate any donations as well.  I certainly understand the circumstances that may arise that prevent families from participating at this time.  However, we have been very successful with one in ten participating.  To achieve our goal we need MORE PARTICIPATION.  Let’s join in now.

Fr. Gerry

Building Fund Capital Campaign List of Enhancements (Phase 1A)

    • Elevator from upper to Lower Level
    • 2,600 SF Narthex
    • Six person Capacity Handicap equipped Ladies Room on upper level
    • Three Person Capacity Handicap equipped Men’s Room on upper level
    • Increased Storage space
    • Improved Heating & AC System
    • 387 SF Lobby on Lower Level off Elevator Landing
    • Automatic Sprinkler System throughout the complex.

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Building Fund Capital Campaign

I was not here on Pledge Weekend. Can I still make a pledge?

Yes, you can still make a pledge. You may obtain a pledge form by contacting the Parish Office or after each weekend mass. We need your help.

Can I pledge less than $4,000?

Everyone is encouraged to make at least a $4,000 pledge, but we realize everyone’s financial situation is different. Therefore, if you cannot afford to make a $4,000 pledge, please pledge what your budget will permit. Our campaign is based on everyone making an equal sacrifice not equal giving.

When should I begin my monthly payments to the campaign?

You may begin immediately or when you are able. Please let the Parish Office know your plan.

When will construction begin?

Building construction cannot begin until we receive approval from the Catholic Diocese of Arlington and Prince William County Government for all site and building plans. We estimate that this process will take at least a year from the time of submission.

Can I pay my pledge in less than three years?

Yes, you may.

Can I increase my pledge?

Yes, you may increase you pledge. You should call the Parish Office and speak with Paula Kane, our bookkeeper, to make the change.

I did not receive a Building Fund Capital Campaign Package in the mail. How can I obtain a package?

You may call the Parish Office at 703-670-8161 and ask that a package be mailed to you or you can pick one up at the Parish office. Please make sure to inform the Parish office of your current address.

Will I receive a reminder when to make my monthly pledge donation?

No, you will not receive a monthly reminder. There will be a special dedicated envelope in your envelope package and available in the vestibule for the Building Fund Capital Campaign.

Can I contribute to the Building Fund Capital Campaign without using the special envelope or Faith Direct?

All parishioners are encouraged to use either the envelope or Faith Direct, but you may donate by placing your personal check, marked “Building Fund Capital Campaign” in the regular weekend collection basket.

What is the difference between the “Building Fund Capital Campaign” and the “Capital Improvement” collection?

The funds for the Building Fund Capital Campaign will be designated for the major renovations and enhancements of our Church. The Capital Improvement funds are used for upkeep and regular maintenance of our current facilities.

I am not able to make a pledge at this time. Can I make periodic monthly donations to the Building Fund Capital Campaign?

Yes, you may make periodic donations to the Building Fund Capital Campaign by using the special, dedicated envelope in your envelope package or through Faith Direct.

Can I pay my monthly pledge amount using a credit card?

Yes, you may use any of the major credit cards to make your payments. Also, you may pay your pledge with a credit card by paying through Faith Direct.

I am not a member of Holy Family. Will I receive a statement of contribution to the Building Fund Capital Campaign at the end of the year for my tax preparation?

Yes, everyone who contributes (and supplies their current address) to our Building Fund Capital Campaign will receive a statement of contribution at the end of the year for use in his or her tax preparation.

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