Pastor's Corner from November 25, 2019

Holy Family Catholic Church Renovation Program

Church Etiquette

Remember what is was like to bring home a new car or how nice your house looked when it had just been painted or fixed up?!  Well we are blessed to have that situation here at Holy Family as we begin settling into our newly renovated Nave. As you can see the interior of our church is renovated with new lights, freshly painted walls and ceiling, new flooring, new confessionals, a “training room”, new pews, and two new rest rooms. The parking lot is a smooth drive.  We have bright shining new House of God where we can thank the Lord for the many blessings, he has given us. Where we can ask him for forgiveness for our sins and where we can join fellow parishioners in praising the Lord.  With those thoughts in mind, we now must look to the future and how we will care for and protect our renovated facility.

As a parish community we must recognize that we have invested a significant amount of time and money to complete the renovation.   Now all of us must accept the responsibility of maintaining the facility in its current state.  It would be a shame to see the newly painted walls on the main floor and balconies marked or damaged by people leaning against them.  Similarly, we must be careful in our contact with the woodwork in the balconies and in the stairwells.  (It is important o note that, we invested a significant amount of money for sanding and refinishing the woodwork!)   If you use the training room or the restrooms, please leave them as clean and orderly as you do in your home and when you visit a friend’s home.  Treat our church as Christ’s dwelling place, because that IS what it is!

Parental supervision is important.  We can protect the newly installed tile and carpeting by not allowing our children to bring chewing gum, snacks, bottles of water and other drinks into the Church.  Feed the children before coming into church.  This will also help to maintain our new pews to avoid scratching the wood.  Additionally, let us try to lower and raise the kneelers carefully.  Parents, please consider bringing your children into the Church as close to the altar as you can –yes, even the FRONT row!  If they become restless or disruptive, then consider taking them into the “Training Room.”  The goal and intent of having a room is to TRAIN them on how to go to Mass, pay attention and PARTICIPATE.

We want to promote an “all-out effort” by the entire parish community.  We want all of our parishioners to be proud and feel a sense of accomplishment for the work that has been completed. We want you all to experience the feeling of religious and physical ownership of our church. Take pride and let our Zeal for our “new” House of God consume us all.

Fr. Bill


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