Meeting Minutes of June 28, 2022

Holy Family Catholic Church Parish Council Hours


Members Present: Fr. Ramon Baez, Wayne Mattson, Kevin McVicker, Joshua Munoz, Emelda August, Jack Beers, Sue Jones, Carol Krieger, Terry Manion, Eileen Marcy, Anselm Ojuah, John Zurcher, Robert Ham, Deborah Rogers. Guest: Dr. Angela Esedebe

Date: 6/28/2022

Time Start: 6:39pm

Discussion Point 1: Dr. Angela Esedebe Representing the African-Born Community

  • Esedebe has been a parishioner at Holy Family for 20 years. They went to another Parish, but it wasn’t as diverse as they would have wanted, and they came to Holy Family and found what they were looking for. “The Parish has been very welcoming”. “Back at home countries, after mass we would gather and ask how everything was doing, we are united as a family”. Dr. Esedebe feels that all parishioners should get to know each other. “We are truly One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic church. We should get to know each other”. “We have a Nigerian Catholic community that meets in Maryland and even some of our Parishioners go all the way there to meet”. “The areas of improvement are: if we could have a small get together and possibly have Father Ramon or another Priest could come and visit and get to know the community would be very helpful”.
  • Father Ramon reassured that now that Father Rice is here, he will be able to visit and get to know more of the community at the Parish.
  • Wayne asked Dr. Esedebe if the rest of the council members should stop after mass and speak and with the African community and get to know them.
  • Emelda made note of the Multicultural Mass that occurs every year

Discussion Point 2:  Welcoming of new Council Members and Thank You’s to retiring Members

  • Deborah and Roger, the new council members, introduced themselves to the council.

Discussion Point 3:  New Officer Elections

  • Wayne Mattson went over the Election process according to the bylaws as wells as duties of the Officers of the Parish Council.
  • The council prepared for the election process and then began voting. The results are as follows:

Chairman: Wayne Mattson was nominated and elected as Chairman for another year.

Vice-Chairman: Kevin McVicker was nominated and elected as Vice-Chairman.

Secretary: Joshua Munoz was nominated and elected as Secretary for another year.

Discussion Point 4: Festival 2022 Update

  • Ed sent Wayne a schedule and objectives for the Festival Committee and will be sent to the council via email. The heads of the Festival Committee will be present during the July and/or August council meeting.
  • Wayne has been placed in charge for getting sponsors for the festival]
  • Father said that there will be a festival meeting coming soon and asked the council to invite others to volunteer in the festival. The more volunteer there are the more smoothly the festival will go.
  • Eileen mentioned that some individuals donated items as prizes for the games and asked if anyone knew anyone who could donate items to give as prizes for the games during the festival.

Discussion Point 5: Diocesan-level Listening Session Recap

  • Father Planty invited the Parish Listening session Coordinators to discuss the notes taken. Wayne noted that the questions were different from the questions asked at the Parish level listening session regarding what was discussed. There were 50 other coordinators. The Bishop was present during the session. Notes were taken and will be put on a spreadsheet and will be given to the Pope.
  • There were roughly 140 listening sessions in the Diocese. There were listening sessions at the Catholic High schools, Parishes, ministries, and etc. The Bishop was present at 14 of the listening sessions occurring in the Diocese. A comment was made and seconded by many priests present noting that a lot of what came out in the listening sessions was already being worked on within the Diocese.

Discussion Point 6: What’s on Father’s Mind

  • Father thanked Sue and Freddy for their participation in the Pastoral Council and welcomed the new council members.

Discussion Point 7: Individual Council Member questions/thoughts/feedback

  • John Zurcher told Father that he and Carol were interested in doing another Augustine Institute if Father was willing. Father Ramon was more than happy to organize another one.
  • Eileen mentioned that a Parishioner asked if the Lectors will talk about COVID protocols and suggestions at the beginning of Mass. Father believes that it is good to be cautious, he will revisit the notice on COVID. He will ask the Diocese what to do with the introduction. There many people getting COVID. Pray for Deacon Joe. A summary revisiting is in order for the welcoming section regarding COVID.
  • Wayne asked Father if there could be a Gospel Choir at one of Masses at least once the month like there used to be years passed.
  • Father spoke about the once a month coffee and donuts and mentioned that someone told him that it used to be the responsibility of the Parish Council. Father believed that at least once a month would be ideal to have a welcoming.
  • Carol mentioned that there was a concern for the RCIA who gather in the Creedon room and Father mentioned that he will not displace them he mentioned that there are rooms available for the Coffee and donuts welcoming to new parishioners. Joshua said that he was willing to help if the welcoming was after the 8:30 Mass in Spanish. Father mentioned that Agape could also help.
  • Father had to leave for confessions at 8:15pm. Deborah also had to leave a bit early.

Discussion Point 8: Review of 2021-2022 Council Year

  • Joshua Munoz mentioned that the way the council handled with diversification within the Parish was exceptional. Kevin McVicker mentioned that meeting in person was a great help.
  • If we were to have a meeting outside of the Pastoral council, it would be better to use the meeting as the location of the meeting. 
  • Wayne Mattson brought up the goals that were made by the council in the previous year.
  • It was brought up with some community representatives of having the choirs for the Spanish Masses and English Masses switching Masses. Anselm believed that this was an objective to bring over to the next year for the council.
  • The calls to parishioners was done effectively.
  • The council did not recall having made a subcommittee to brainstorm ideas to bring more people to Mass. Carol believed that it isn’t a problem that needs to be worked on since numbers are increasing in terms of Mass attendance.
  • Terry mentioned that it is important that we communicate more in the Bulletin so that people know what is happening in the Parish.
  • Wayne asked how we should change things in the Parish Council, he mentioned that the previous year it was noted that the Council should add a few more General Council meetings.
  • Wayne Mattson thanked Freddy Andrade and Sue Jones for their service in the Parish Council. He also thanked Lorena Gudiel for her input and help in the Council.
  • Anselm thanked Wayne for his leadership of the Council meetings and believed that the Parish Council has been very productive.
  • Wayne thanked everyone for their work as well in the Council.

Closing Prayer: The Closing Prayer was offered for Deborah’s Brother and Stepsister for their passing. The prayer was done at 8:40 pm.

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